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You may also work with Flores Wealth Planning to implement the investment recommendation outlined in your financial plan. For investment services you can work with us in two ways:

 Investment Consultation

You may engage us to provide periodic review of your assets held at your selected broker/dealer or custodian. This engagement does not involve our providing daily account supervision or account trading; however, we generally provide quarterly account monitoring and offer recommendations as necessary to meet your investment objectives. You will then need to effect the necessary transactions to meet the suggested allocation.

Investment Supervisory Services

Our firm generally provides its investment supervisory services on a discretionary basis and our services typically include:

  • Risk tolerance assessment
  • Investment strategy
  • Asset allocation
  • Asset selection
  • Regular monitoring
  • Periodic rebalancing

Our firm does not maintain custody of any of your assets. Your assets must be kept in an account at a “qualified custodian,” generally a broker/dealer or bank (we term “service providers”) that is frequently assessed for its capabilities to serve as custodian. We are not a custodian nor do we have an affiliate that is a custodian.

FEE:  Starting at 0.95% per year for non-discretionary investment management. Retainer services clients who also engage the firm for its investment supervisory services will be assessed an annualized asset‐based fee that is capped at 0.50% (50 basis points)

Investment supervisory services (discretionary investment management) is available for 95 basis points.  Flores uses Betterment Institutional and TD Ameritrade as the investment management platform.  See ADV brochure for more information.

Flores Wealth Planning, LLC is a New York State Registered Investment Advisor.
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