How We Help You Meet Your Financial Goals

Financial planning is a process, not a document and is designed to help you reach your specific financial goals. Flores Wealth Planning offers you a full range of planning services, and we provide objective and unbiased advice. We uphold our commitment to answer only to you and to keep your financial well-being at the center of our recommendations.

Your Plan

Your personalized financial plan will include a thorough analysis of your financial situation including comprehensive charts and graphs as well as in-depth details about recommended strategies. Your plan may consist of some or all of the following analyses:


Cash Flow and Net Worth Statements

Discover your net worth and where your money is going. We will identify a surplus or deficit in your finances.

Debt Reduction Plan

Debt is a problem that does not age well.  We can help you develop a strategy to pay down those credit cards and loans as soon as possible.  Your debt reduction plan will be priority because being debt free is a wonderful feeling.

Retirement Plan

We will all retire some day.  Are you prepared for a long retirement?  We can show you how much you should save on a monthly or annual basis, the retirement account you should be using (401(k), IRA, Roth, etc.), how you should be investing and when you can expect to achieve financial independence.

Employer Benefit Plan

We will review and help you take advantage of your employee benefits.  Should you enroll in the long-term disability insurance, flexible-spending plan or choose the high deductible insurance plan and HSA?

Investment Plan

Your investments are your means to achieve your financial goals.  We will help you create a diversified and low expense portfolio for your short- and long-term goals.  We will recommend several asset classes in both stocks and bonds.  Index mutual funds and ETFs will be part of your recommended portfolio.

Insurance Plan | Risk Management

No matter how good your plan is, there could be unexpected bumps down the road.  We will help you plan for those unexpected expenses or situations to make sure you meet your goals.  We will discuss disability, life and long-term care insurance.   Flores will examine if these policies can mitigate some or all of your risks.  Establishing an emergency fund will be considered as well.

College Plan

Education will be your most expensive future goal.  We can help you create a saving and investment strategy to help pay for private or public 4-year college.  Choosing a college saving vehicle (529, Roth, UGMA/UTMA) will be discussed.

Estate Plan

Estate planning is not just for the rich and famous.  Your plan may include having key estate legal documents in place, reviewing your beneficiary designations or understanding potential future estate taxes (Fed and State).

ONGOING ENGAGEMENT FEEStarting at $500+ upfront then an ongoing monthly fee of $100+. Both fees are determined by the complexity of your situation, the time committed to developing the plan and the number of action items and investment accounts involved.  Services and fees will be detailed in your agreement and are negotiable.

HOURLY FEE – ONE TIME ENGAGEMENT: We offer both hourly and project-based planning for people who would like help with one or more specific topics but aren’t interested in creating a comprehensive financial plan. Hourly planning is offered at $200 per hour, billed in 15-minute increments. Project-based work is quoted based on the scope of the project.

Not ready for a full comprehensive financial plan?  Consider the Quick Start Action Plan.

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Flores Wealth Planning, LLC is a New York State Registered Investment Advisor.
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